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Residential carpet cleaning

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Does not include pet odor removal, Room over 200 square feet considered two rooms new customers only.
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 JKT Carpet & Rug Cleaning 

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Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning
 Oriental Rug Cleaning,Tile & Grout Cleaning.
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  We do offer a free estimate with no  obligation in person, the reason being; that each carpet is different and needs to be pre-inspected to determine what exact treatment the carpet requires.
Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning 
The Woodlands Tx,
Carpet Cleaning Spring Tx,
Carpet Cleaning Conroe Tx.

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 Why choose us?

Because we take pride in our work, and love what we do. We are also able to provide a high quality service since we limit only 1-2 jobs per day to give you the best carpet cleaning experience out there. Give us a call and you will not be disappointed.

The benefit of low moisture carpet cleaning 

(1) Quick drying time, which can actually be from 45 minutes to one hour depending on carpet soiled and and humidity
(2) Carpets stay clean longer.

(3) No wick-backs.

(4) No doors need to be left open.

(5) cleaning products that are safe for children and pets

Allergy Free Carpet Cleaning is a little more expensive than a regular carpet cleaning.
But if you suffer from allergies like hay-fever or Asthma it is worth it.
An allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment that are harmless for most people.
These substances are known as allergens and are found in house dust mites, pets, pollen, insects, moulds, foods, food additives (like MSG) and some medicines such as penicillin. This immune reaction leads to allergic inflammation (redness and swelling).
Carpet is an amazing trap for dirt, dust, and other allergens that, when left untreated, can make you and your family sick.
Health professionals recommend getting the carpet cleaned once every six to twelve months, depending on traffic. Maintaining a clean carpet is essential for the overall health of your family.
What are the benefits of having your carpets Allergy Free Cleaned,
We use a Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning method where the minimum amount of water and environmentally friendly cleaning solution are applied to your carpets.
Then the carpet is agitated and scrubbed using a state of the art Oscillating Pad Machine with cotton or microfiber pad.
The orbital, oscillating movement of the machine causes it to reach down into the carpet, allowing all sides of the fibre’s to be cleaned from the top down to the backing. This very thorough cleaning of each fibre is achieved using a minimum amount of moisture and ensures both rapid drying and a complete cleaning of each fibre.
Pre-vacuum: About 85% of soil in most carpets is loose and dry. Our dry vacuum system removes as much of the dry soil as possible.
UVC Sanitisation All the carpet is sanitized to help remove dust mites mold and other bacteria in the carpet.
Pre-treat spots: We treat any tough spots or stains on the carpet for best results.
Apply environmentally friendly cleaner: Our solution then penetrates carpet fibre’s gently breaking up trapped soil and stains.
Clean the carpet: Here we use an Oscillating Pad machine, specially designed with absorbent microfiber pads, to gently scrub the carpet fibres. The pads on the machine extract soil and remove moisture.
Groom: Finally, we groom the carpet, we may use a carpet rake to remove and separate the carpet fibre’s leaving you with a clean, soft, and groomed carpet. 

JKT 100% Guarantee: If you are not happy, it is FREE. Call within 72 hours of your cleaning and we’ll rush back to re-clean your are: if you’re still not happy, we’ll give you a full refund. 

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